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Part 1. You are here because you could not read Vietnamese characters on our Web Pages.  The problem could be that your browser does not know that our web pages are using Unicode encoding (a new encoding standard that allows users to read several languages, including Vietnamese, without the need of special fonts)

If this is your case, you may need to do one simple thing: 

1. If you are using MS Internet Explorer (must be version 5.0 or newer), go to View > Encoding, select  Unicode (UTF-8)

2. If you are using Netscape 4.7 (or newer), go to View > Encoding (or Character Sets), select Unicode  (UTF-8)

After doing so, please check if you can read this Vietnamese text: Tôi đã đọc được tiếng Việt bằng Unicode. 

Now, you can go back to our web to enjoy reading and do the same thing anytime you cannot read Vietnamese. 

If you still could not read Vietnamese text, please continue Part 2:

Part 2. After doing part I, you still could not view Vietnamese characters, Your computer may not already have some fonts that support multi languages made by Microsoft in accordance with Unicode standard (the older versions of Win-NT, Win-98 and 95). 

In this case you can either  (1) upgrade your MS Windows to MS Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows NT (recent versions). or (2) download free Times New Roman font from our web site Van chuong Viet-Nam (click on Font Name and "Save it to your hard disk") (550kb) or from Microsoft

After downloading this font, find this "times32.exe" file in your hard drive and double-click on this file name to add this font to your system (The *.exe is a self-installed file, when executed will replace the old font with the newer version of Unicode standard).  You may need to restart Windows after adding font. 

Unicode standard is becoming more and more popular and will be widely used in the World Wide Web for encoding foreign languages. It displays faster and looks crisp and clear even with small text.  Our web site is using only one Unicode standard Times New Roman font, version 3.0, contain all the Vietnamese characters There is no need any special Vietnamese fonts to view this web pages.

If you still have problem, please e-mail to us: 

Part 3. How To Print Web Pages which use Unicode?

When printing out hard copies of these web pages, the Vietnamese characters may not be correctly printed.

Reason: Your printer normally uses the resident fonts (in the printer) to print (The font Arial in your printer does not already have all the extra characters for Vietnamese).

How to fix?: Tell your printer to use (download) True Type Fonts to the printer every time it prints. To do this, go to Start -> Setting -> Printers and click on the name of the printer you are using. While this printer name is highlighted, go to File and select Properties, then select the Fonts tab, select the button in front of  "Always use True Type Fonts" then click the "OK" button. Close the Printers windows and you are ready to test print these web page. 

The following printers can easily print Unicode:

-HP 5L (un-expensive)
-HP LaserJet 8000 (Need adjust “Print True Type as Bitmap")
-HP 4MP (or older versions) (Need Adjust “Print Text as Graphics”: File > Print > Properties > Print  Text as Graphics (ON)
-EPSON Color Stylus 440 (Inkjet or model 480) 


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